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Terms and conditions

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Our registered office is located in

  • Ernakulam, Kerala, 683556

We are providing a E-Commerce platform . All of you above 18 years can join our family

Here we are discussed our "terms and conditions"

  • 1.We are providing a website under the domain of our company "". In this platform you can used to purchase products. but here we are providing limited products.
  • 2. Customers should purchase the product from the website and if customer need to see our shop then you can choose store pickup. and collect from our shop.
  • 3. We are providing delivery also (sending through various courior companies and speed post.) and not providing cash on delivery or free delivery . we will collect the shipping charge from our customers for deliver the product.
  • 4. Customer can sell/reffer our products to your friends or families and get a small earrings of your work
  • 5. We are not providing any refund policies ..only give your selling commission
  • 6. We have only one outlet/shop. thats situated in "onamkulam".if you choose direct pickup ,need to purchase from there . Should collect the purchased products with in 2months. Otherwise product will not get, in that case company is not responsible with that.
  • 7. Customer datas and identity will secure with as. Your name will show with our active customers for better user experience.and we will not using your datas for other activities
  • 8. Product will Received to you ,what you order from our site (can directly pickup from our shop or choose delivery option)
  • 9. You can join our family with agree this terms and conditions