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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Hurrakart

Before knowing about HURRAKART. Let us share our principles.

  • We improve our care on customer satisfaction.
  • We keep good relationships with our customers.
  • We hold your hand with us.

Do you wonder who we are?

We think no one knows us, right? Let us explain about ourselves. Since 1985, we have been in the business field, initially operating offline in Kerala, Ernakulam. Our products include stone products, sand, different sizes of aggregates, and the manufacturing and distribution bricks used for construction. Additionally, we run a gadgets shop and are now stepping up to an online eCommerce platform named HURRAKART.


HURRAKART is a customer-oriented startup eCommerce platform where customers can both purchase and sell our listed products.


In light of the financial scarcity faced by many people, our company's significance lies in offering people the opportunity to purchase and sell our listed products and earn corresponding earnings from that.

Our customers:

We are primarily focusing on people above 18 years old, with a special focus on youngsters who need extra income.